Go with your heart

12 de marzo de 2012 2 comentarios
Autor: Luis Moir aka Batfink

Don't let anyone tell you what to feel
If you feel bored
if you feel neglected
if you feel not loved
if you feel abandoned
if you feel used
if you feel betrayed
if you feel abused
for a good while
then you probably are

Some one else might tell you that the emotion you are feeling is not
what you really feel

(See? It doesn’t make any sense)

and then you will start wondering if you are not crazy

you will start loosing confidence in you
you will want to become insignificant
you might think that you are a walking contradiction

but you are not

There's nothing more precious than be who you really are

Trust your feelings

If it's pain, it's pain
If you feel happy, don't let anyone shut you down
If you feel confused about what you feel

go with your heart

you can reason and lie to yourself all you want
you may even know the truth and still
not be able to move on
but you cannot lie to your heart

Go with your heart

even if it's broken at the end
take the risk
a broken heart is a good thing
feeling the truth inside
not just knowing it
will make you free

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